Join us on tomorrow on Friday, March 24 at 3:30 p.m. at the Glenwood Avenue Garage, 23 Lackawanna Avenue as Bloomfield opens up its first Bike Depot. RSVP: Cyndi.Steiner@NJBWC.ORG For more info go HERE

The Unnatural Path

In many cities in the United States cycling is planned as a sports activity, so roads are to recreational places. That is wonderful. People need those options, but that’s not the only purpose of the bicycle. Giving the public only a back road bicycle lane to a recreational spot pushes the idea that cycling isn’t a real way to accomplish everyday tasks. It limits the bicycle to leisure. It strips cycling of its utility as transportation. It turns cycling into a hobby for the rich and privileged.

Cycle Tracks

We are accepting submissions to Cycle Track. Cycle Track is a "tract" that will showcase philosophies, policies, politics and fiction that uses alternative transit (bicycles, walking, trains, busses...) as the "vehicle" in which to convey the story or idea. Cycle Tracks will be distributed on the trains in New Jersey, NY, L.A., Oakland, Madison, and DC.... Continue Reading →

Bloomfield Avenue Bike Lane

  The public input did indicate there is a need for the creation of designated and clearly-marked bike lanes, paths and routes near or along Bloomfield Avenue including the business districts in Verona, Montclair, and Bloomfield. There was also a strong desire expressed for linking other major destination attractions such as parks, schools, transit facilities... Continue Reading →

F is for Bicycle

I am a utilitarian cyclist. When I ride my bicycle I wear street clothes. I do this to promote cycling as what it is, transport. I use my bicycle (when it is warm enough) to go grocery shopping, to make quick errands, to meet with clients and to go get coffee. Bicycling isn’t a hobby,... Continue Reading →

What about Bloomfield Avenue?

At the MontclairSAFE Complete Street implementation meeting in Montclair last week I wondered where was Bloomfield Avenue. When there is talk of a revitalization of Bloomfield Township, I wonder, where is South Bloomfield and its connection to Newark and the rest of suburban Essex in the Bloomfield Avenue Complete Streets studies? Between February and August... Continue Reading →

The Green Tricycle

In my mind the perfect world is a world where every child would be able to ride their Green Tricycle up the center of their downtown. A child could ride to preschool, they could ride to the park, they could ride to their best friend’s house, they could ride to the grocery store, they could... Continue Reading →

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