VELO (like hello) connects people to information about how to reduce car dependence and how to improve conditions for walking, biking, and public transit in communities that have been historically excluded from the conversation owing to racist policies such as redlining.

We believe transportation is an African-American issues, an issue for people with disabilities, an issue for women, an issue for caretakers, and an issue for people of all ages.

VELO writes with equity in mind. VELO raises the profile of transportation issues to policy and decision makers in working class, Latino, and African-American communities. VELO makes Complete Streets, Cycle Tracks, and Active Transportation accessible to a broad audience.

Our goal is to give policy makers and the public information on how to make the streets of North Jersey and New York City safe for all modalities of active transportation regardless of gender, age, race, disability and/or socioeconomic status of the population that takes its streets.Logo2

#CompleteStreets, #BiycleEquity, #TransportationEquity, racial diversity, feminism, and people.

Founded by Environmental Biologist Dr. Charles Sontag and writer Lark Lo.

We are fiscally sponsored by New Jersey Bike Walk Coalition.