What about Bloomfield Avenue?

At the MontclairSAFE Complete Street implementation meeting in Montclair last week I wondered where was Bloomfield Avenue. When there is talk of a revitalization of Bloomfield Township, I wonder, where is South Bloomfield and its connection to Newark and the rest of suburban Essex in the Bloomfield Avenue Complete Streets studies? Between February and August... Continue Reading →

The Green Tricycle

In my mind the perfect world is a world where every child would be able to ride their Green Tricycle up the center of their downtown. A child could ride to preschool, they could ride to the park, they could ride to their best friend’s house, they could ride to the grocery store, they could... Continue Reading →

Setting to catch is a bad model for safety

Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to get down certain streets, especially during the daytime? The light turns green and everyone accelerates quickly trying to make the next light. Sure enough, as you approach, the light turns amber and drivers give the pedal an extra pulse to burn through the intersection. Why? Because... Continue Reading →

There are no car accidents

On Friday, March 3 at approximately 7:45 a.m. in the morning Megan E. Villanella, 34, of Verona and her 30-year-old brother were standing on the sidewalk at Lakeside Avenue and Pease Avenue when they were hit by a person driving a car. When people die in "car accidents" we often think, “Whose fault is this?"... Continue Reading →

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